This work is collaboration with Cluster ensemble.

From the project website:

“Orange Mountain Music is pleased to present a vital new 3CD collection of recordings by Cluster ensemble of early music by Philip Glass produced in collaboration with Hevhetia Records. Beginning in 2013, Cluster ensemble began to dedicate itself to the early music of Philip Glass culminating in a 2015 performance of Glass’s iconic Music with Changing Parts with Philip Glass in attendance. This 3CD set surveys a vast amount of Glass’s early work including: Two Pages (1968), Music in Fifths (1969), Music in Contrary Motion (1969), Music in Similar Motion (1969) and Music with Changing Parts (1970). These fresh interpretations by the fast-rising Cluster ensemble offer the first grand compendium of Glass’s early music in the 21st century, further cementing themselves as the ‘new classics’ of our time now almost fifty years from their composition.”

Review from The Guardian :

“What’s remarkable about the performances by the Cluster Ensemble is that they never seem didactic, and are wonderfully natural and constantly involving musically. The Slovak group, led by keyboard players Ivan Siller and Fero Kiraly, has devoted itself to Glass’s early music for the last three years, and that total familiarity shines through every aspect of their playing. The fact that this set is being released on Glass’s own record label shows that he recognises this, too. Andrew Clements.”

Review from

“The Cluster Ensemble tackles some of Philip Glass’s iconic early works, playing them more crisply and clearly than perhaps any other recording in history. Seth Colter Walls”

photo: Miro Kubečka
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With Philip Glass in Linz, Austria. Fero Király, Julo Krištof, Philip Glass and Ivo Šiller