This work is collaboration with Jakub Pišek .

Philip Glass’s Dance No. 2 & 4 originate in the late 1970s. They count among his last pieces in which he used the repetitive sound and minimalistic melodies characteristic of his early works and are considered as the end of his minimalist phase. They are a part of a larger cycle called Dances, but are the only two pieces thereof composed for solo electric organ. Király plays the two 20-minute works on an original Yamaha YC45-D instrument from the same era.

“Király’s performance was focused and vigorous, marked by mathematical precision, his bare feet controlling the intense bass pedals. Repetitions of tonal combinations, formations and extended chords demanded his maximum absorption, for every tact was threatening with total breakdown. But for the listener, the performance brought first enchantment, then admiration and in the end a special kind of “meditative” detachment. This kind of music resonates for a long time.” Harmonie, 03/2018 (CZ)

“His high tempo and uncompromising drive make one’s head spin…. Music Life magazine(SK)

photo: Varga Orsi