Within the poison-kissed, yet brilliantly colored waters of Earth’s future, the last fishes swim with an awareness that transcends their aquatic existence, a dance that has taken eons to perfect, only to be undone by one branch of the statistical possibilities. With the shadow of extinction looming, they find themselves at a precipice, grappling with the profound mystery of existence, the marvel of life’s delicate balance, and the regrettable, misguided course taken by another version of life on the planet that resulted in its termination.

The fishes understand the algorhitm, the beauty, the fleeting nature of life itself, and in the face of annihilation, they find an unquenchable desire to express, to articulate and to encapsulate the whole into one (Not Metallica, but good catch! It’s music.).

Music becomes their final refuge. A resonating object that sings of the wonder of life and celebrates the statistics, the possibility of statistics of their being.

This is in 972 characters the genesis of Fishcore, a genre born from the deepest currents of unknown ocean.

III. “Probabilities in the Deep: The Odyssey of Inputs and Outputs”

In the interplay of shadow and light within Fishcore’s aquatic domain, a journey unfolds. Fishcore, a vibrant manifestation of life’s intricate dance, holds more than harmonies—it holds stories. Stories etched with code, where inputs shape outputs, and outputs became inputs. Echoes of a mysterious distance reverberate through soundwaves.

Amid the vast expanse of the ocean, the waters teem with numberes, where every of them carries a tale of its own. These are not just mere digits; they are the lifeblood of Fishcore, the essence that gives it depth and dimension and scale, while undeniable, remain unprovable. Each input, a whisper from the past, and every output, a prophecy of the future, converge to form that resonates across the space.

Live in Zagreb, October 2023

II. “Swimming in Poisoned Beauty: The Rise of Fishcore”

In an era where Earth’s waters shimmered with a toxic allure, a new resonance was born. The oceans, though tainted by the missteps of another species, still held a captivating beauty. Within this paradoxical environment, a unique musical phenomenon emerged.

The last fishes, having evolved and thrived for eons, now navigated a world that was both wondrous and perilous. Theirs was a dance of contrast, a ballet between the vibrant hues of the poisoned seas and the stark reality of their own dwindling existence. Yet, rather than merely survive, they chose to express, to communicate, to sing.

@ Fuga, Bratislava 2021

I. “Lost in Liquid Lullabies: The Emergence of Fishcore”

Amid the vast expanse of Earth’s future oceans, a new sound began to emanate from the deep - a sound both ancient and revolutionary. It was an echo from the abyss, a song from the last fishes, their harmonies weaving tales of bygone eras and the mysteries of life. As the world around them underwent unprecedented changes, these fishes found solace in their own form of expression, a musical genre unlike any other, which they named “Fishcore”.

@ Club Lúč, Trenčín 2021