This work is collaboration with Peter Machajdík and others.

From the project website:

“One of Machajdík’s most ambitious works to date, THE IMMANENT VELVET is a recording of new chamber music performed by Fero Király, Dušan Šujan, Floraleda Sacchi, Piero Salvatori, Daniel Garel, Ondrej Veselý, Valentina Casesa, the Ján Pöschl String Orchestra with Anita Mirossayová conducting, Eunjoo Noh, Guido Arbonelli, Yuko Tanako, and Dawn Scarfe. The composer formulates a new sonic palette that is in equal measures intriguing and unsettling. Hypnotic music with slow harmonic changes, melodic cells, and tonal ambiguity.”

Available on Bandcamp and Amazon .

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