This work is collaboration with Zuzana Žabková and Platform 1-12 .

From the project website:

“To (be) follow(ed) is a collaborative work of the Slovak multi-disciplinary artist Zuzana Žabková and the Slovak musician and composer, Fero Király. The duo creates a site-specific performance that puts the human body and music to a mutual dynamic relationship. This relationship becomes the impetus to analyze the idea of the relationship between the leader and the follower, their transformation in the context of the roles of the musician and the dancer within the performance piece. Human species have been always formed by relationships. Parent-child, teacher – student etc. These relationships may result in subjective positive or negative outcomes. Responsibility on both sides is the main parameter of the balance of this communication. The idea of the performance is based on the classical model where a musician is the leader and a dancer is the follower, which is based on the physical dominance of sonic to visual perception. In the performance of Žabková and Király these roles interchange and transform into different combinations. The performers create and undermine their own territorial boundaries that define the changing relationship during the performance. Their live performance is produced using open source software, DIY movement tracking sensors and various objects that are used as controllers and musical instruments. The used technology is able to track the movements of the dancer and transmit the data to the musician for real-time composition.”