Unconventional workshop focused on the development of musical creativity for primary school children offers a more contemporary and engaging alternative to the currently used ways of teaching music education in schools. Instead of a passive listening form and memorizing songs, it gives children the opportunity to create and learn music through its creation.

Children will be able to easily compose their first song in a few hours and learn the basic principles of music. The workshop in children playfully strengthens the interest in music and develops their natural talents. Participants are not required to have prior knowledge of music or the ability to play a musical instrument. On the contrary, the concept of the workshop is based on the idea that we all love music in its various positions and the love for it is strengthened by the experience that we can create and master what we traditionally call a musical instrument. In the case of a creative music programming workshop, the SonicPi digital instrument becomes a children’s tool. It was created at the University of Cambridge in response to the new rules of education in the United Kingdom, where programming has been a compulsory part of the school curriculum since 2014. It is considered a skill that must be mastered by all students, at least in the basics. This has opened the door to innovative forms of combined teaching of programming and music, because it is in this area that such synergies are natural and attractive to children. It allows them to work with an instrument that most children today handle quite naturally - with a computer - and does not push them to master skills on acoustic instruments, which in the beginning are motor and theoretically demanding for children, often leading to demotivation and loss of interest in music. On the contrary, with the use of SonicPi, it is possible in a short time to playfully introduce children to the wide possibilities of working with sound and its organization, which further stimulates their own natural interest. The tool is open source and therefore freely available for free use. The workshop is suitable for groups of up to 12 children, where children try to work together in a group, but at the same time it is possible to provide an individual approach for each participant. Part of the workshop is the final mini-concert, where children play their songs to parents and acquaintances. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners, but also for children who already have experience with music. The lower age limit is 10 years.

“It was great to see a group of teenagers working with enthusiasm and focused on something for several hours without anyone having to talk to them or motivate them to do so. The atmosphere was pleasant and unforced. In the end, the children presented their results themselves. Everyone presented their work to the audience, it was colorful, funny and interesting. We usually drive children away from the computer. However, the lecturer of this workshop approached it differently and showed how they can use the computer so that it not only entertains them, but also develops them. Thank you! ”Barbara Ronayi, parent

“I liked that a thousand adults didn’t run there and they didn’t tell us what to do. They treated us humanly. I really liked the program, I will use it at home as well. I thought it was a ring and that it would be every weekend. Too bad. ”Tobias, participant, 9 years old

“Our son (15 years old) has already participated twice, despite zero knowledge, he was able to understand what to do in a short time and created his own short work, which he then enthusiastically presented to the plenary of the heartfelt audience of other parents and sincere fans. Fantastic creative, experiential and motivating experience. He really wants to go again. Thank you very much for the great work with the kids. ”Jana Kipsová Lučeničová, parent